The Fantastic World of Mallu Singlehood P2

At a certain point, I started to take it a little personally that my usual normal self, apparently wasn’t good or impressive enough for the ever changing standards for being “good wife material”. Of course, once the train starts off, the crippling insecurities held at bay, are sure to follow through in full force. When... Continue Reading →

Weary of Love

You have taken me prisoner to your wishes, I no longer want any love from you. Your love tightens the noose around my freedom and catches itself on my breath. It muffles my voice and curls my skin into harrowing pits in my stomach It follows me, like a demon that forces itself into everything... Continue Reading →

Veiled Worlds Apart

I am an optimist most days; My world is made of infinite possibilities where everything works out eventually, Where no matter how much my heart hurts today, I may actually be able to laugh tomorrow. But some days, the world presses in harder. Some days the veil wears thin. Some days the world seems keen... Continue Reading →

Dear future husband,

It took me a while to realize you'd be human, like me. Not perfect, just like me. And probably having loads of things you were procrastinating working on, like me. But no matter how long it took for this realization to finally dawn, I'm glad it happened. Because when it did, it helped me to... Continue Reading →

Fallen Hearts

Falling from heaven, she saw the heart wrench out of her very being. Never before had she felt so lost and numb at the same time. Never before had a heart broken with such pain, so as to turn all things awful. Never before had words failed her. What kind of pain is it, that... Continue Reading →

Death by Obligation

Why do you make me love you so That the words "supposed to" trigger anger rather than love, That filial piety has extended in meaning to exclude anything else that would dare make me happy. To love me for myself has lost all meaning, when you don't really know me anymore, Only the parts I've... Continue Reading →

Faithless Lovers

How quick I am my Love, to leave your wounded side. The faithlessness with which I forsake your love, The depravity with which I abandon your mercy, How is it that this heart could imagine such a wound as it forces on your most tender heart? How is it that you so easily forgive this... Continue Reading →

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