The Worst Things When Hungover

I have found it- the worst thing for a hangover.
It’s when someone bursts into your bedroom at 7 am,
and proceeds to flip all your lights on.
Then at 7 pm-at-a-party volume, tells you all about his previous day.
Then immediately proceeds to ask you to make decisions about upcoming travel plans, at this ungodly hour.
All the while you have to respond, because if you don’t, he keeps asking (very loudly, while actively nudging you like a 10 yr old) if you’re okay, until you do.
Oh and the worst part? He brings a cup of ginger tea with him, for you.
It’s your favorite.
That’s the worst, because it makes you feel shitty for complaining about everything else that came before it.
That someone? It’s my dad.
God love him, but that man in the morning, really is the worst thing for a hangover.

Written at 8 am (in total jest) after waking up to the above nonsense, this very morning. I also happened to spend a good portion of yesterday afternoon and night drinking, while binging ‘Doom at Your Service’ (for the first time ever). My head and heart literally cannot handle the real world anymore. I’ll just be here, crying my way to sanity, while intermittently regaining composure for a delicate sip of ginger tea.

Incidentally, if you ever want to maintain composure and hope in the current dating market, don’t watch K-dramas. They will ruin both life and real-life men for you. Don’t say you weren’t warned!

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