On Cancelling Myself

Earlier today I was watching a Youtube conversation between Dr. Vinay Prasad and ZDoggMD on cancelling Dr. Seuss and it got me thinking. I began to wonder how I became someone who is not too easily offended by the things I read, watch or listen to. I’ve always prided myself as a follower of Aristotle’s... Continue Reading →

Eat, Child

The first story I remember of inexplicable divine intervention, happened when I was around 10 years old. To say I was a slow eater, would have been putting it mildly. My family tells horror stories of the hours I would readily spend in front of my meals, slowly picking at the food and eating so... Continue Reading →

Veni Creator Spiritus (Part 2)

In a time when the world is chasing likes and shares and being “seen” by others from the other side of a screen, unleashing true creativity- to make something original and beautiful for the sake of itself, something that reveals authentic humanity, beauty and truth- is becoming more and more necessary. In a time when... Continue Reading →

Veni Creator Spiritus (Part 1)

I recently went on a road-trip with a bus full of high school-ers, and was preparing myself for the worst. I expected having to thwart shenanigans for the next five hours and being surrounded by overwhelming decibels of noise. Five minutes into the trip, I paused from my conversation with my neighbor, because I was... Continue Reading →

Dangerous, Little Ol’ Me?

Why you gotta make me so dark and twisted, Lord? 'Why?', He asked, Because I like your dark caverns and your twisted seas Those rocky edges that make the cliffs dangerous yet spectacular Those untamed curls that make me want to reach out to touch them, and tuck them back. So let them be. Those... Continue Reading →

Letting God Spill into the Creative

Recently I’ve been coming across a lot of stress and effort poured into finite-izing creativity- and it’s been an itch I have been aching to scratch out. People who seem extremely eager to organize and put creativity into boxes that shouldn’t be touched or, let out to breathe at all; those guys make me hyperventilate... Continue Reading →

The Full, Inefficient Life

Steel blue veins do not, a heart, make. They don’t seem to pump blood with the pulsing bass note that, brings warmth to the soul. Their cold efficiency instead, causes a rush of thoughts that leave no room for others; Not for their things, or their ideas, or their hearts, never mind souls. Until efficiency... Continue Reading →

The Fantastic World of Mallu Singlehood P2

At a certain point, I started to take it a little personally that my usual normal self, apparently wasn’t good or impressive enough for the ever changing standards for being “good wife material”. Of course, once the train starts off, the crippling insecurities held at bay, are sure to follow through in full force. When... Continue Reading →

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