Dangerous, Little Ol’ Me?

Why you gotta make me so dark and twisted, Lord?

‘Why?’, He asked,
Because I like your dark caverns and your twisted seas
Those rocky edges that make the cliffs dangerous yet spectacular
Those untamed curls that make me want to reach out to touch them, and tuck them back. So let them be.
Those deep oceans that make the deathly dives worth it- to discover hidden treasures no one else has yet uncovered.
I have made you so.
So deep, so undiscoverable, so surprising
That anyone who seeks to find you will need to seek my help first.
So that in finding you, they will find me.
So have I made you.
Beautiful enough to make anyone look heavenward and believe there must be a God.
Beautiful enough to demand excellence itself, to belong to you.
Unpredictable enough that he will want to rip his hair out and seek me out to demand an answer.
Cavernous enough to be surprised by you throughout a lifetime spent together
With strength and grace hidden a thousand times over
Each new layer revealed in the furnace of life- like perfectly made puff pastry
Hidden within you, the ability to receive anything and make it good
The creative spark, those rose-tinted eyes, that naïveté that looks on the world and sees only possibilities.
So have I made you.
Like doves amongst wolves. To foil their plans and leave them awestruck and helpless.
Not just to be you, but to be to others, a path to me
Not just to be free, but to free those who do not believe such simple truths as those underlying creation itself
You who know the secret to birthing life, knows there is only time to embrace and take the given, to make it beautiful. Because I knew the world and I knew it needed something so good, so beautiful, so you.


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