In an Eternal Quest for Reason

What do the heavens think of me I wonder,

I do not know right from wrong,

Perhaps no more than a song,

what would angels say of me then?

What I thought was a push was just the wind,

and now I am pushed like an autumn leaf, and can no longer live with defined purpose.

Though questions flood my thoughts, the answers seem to have lost their way to me.

What good is heaven or hell to a soul determined to lose?

What good a choice to one who seeks no answer.

What good is a path to those who prefer their despair.

What good is the truth to those who only want a part of it.

What good a life to a soul that doesn’t know the path of love.

Where has the path of least resistance lead to.

The complacency of heart has brought only regret.

What does a life of dreams accomplish,

if not one goal is set.

What do endless love songs gain If not one promise is made.

What does eternal quest accomplish if not once is there a leap of faith to certainty.

What can endless thrills attain if it is never followed by satisfaction that equals the thrill.

What good is freedom if it is wasted on selfish pursuits.

What gain is wealth if it brings more worry than peace.

What gain is knowledge if it never once is shared or pursued.

What gain is belief in deities if it is accompanied by a feebleness to courageously stand for one, as each one demands.

Though questions flood my thoughts, the answers seem to have lost their way to me

Perhaps the wind has taken them to the heavens so we may follow them home.


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