Random thoughts on the world, peace and trade

Sometimes I wish we could go back to the times when people did what they loved and bartered to get life’s necessities. when education was done in the real world through apprenticeship than by spending 5-8 years inside 4 walls and in front of a book and projector before ever getting to see your profession in its natural state. I wish the world could go back to simpler times before people came up with the idea of war and of ownership of more than what they/their family needed to live. A time before “patriotism” was invented and then taken overboard into the wars and conquests.

Can you imagine the first guy who decided to be the douche and take that first step? Seriously, some guy who had a home and a family of his own and then looked over at his neighbor’s house and land and thought, “Hey, I’d like to have that land too. You know what? I’m going to walk over there and make him give it to me and if he doesn’t agree, then I’ll just kill him so I can have it”. I mean, what a dick move, right? When did we get to the point where society said, ‘yeah, that’s totally fine’ to such a statement and the begin to do it in groups as a community, as a nation? Add to the dickishness of that any feelings that you are “rightful owners” of said lands or “superior and thus deserving” of such lands and things escalate to bigger and more international incidents and genocides.

I mean, I get why patriotism is so big to some people but I’m trying to imagine how it got started. Could you imagine if there were 2 families, say, the Millers and the Kumars and they were playing a soccer game against each other. There’s a point where its okay to go “Yea, Go Millers, we’re awesome!” and cheer them on nicely without intending any harm to befall the other group. I feel like patriotism goes beyond just simple pride in who you are to like in your face obnoxiousness. Patriotism just fuels this pride that overflows into feelings of ownership and just bad things, I think. All these soldiers who go out and fight for their country and yet never actually get to enjoy the freedoms and amenities their protecting. How messed up is a society to condone that? We don’t even do the whole fighting to conquer a nation that much anymore so why? Shouldn’t we just train people to keep us safe in case someone decided to attack but other than that, chill out and let people live the rights their county is allowing them? Most of these soldiers are not even accepted into society upon return and end up without the things they fight for such as home, health care etc. How sad right?Yet we have no problem with that?

I know sometimes we send over people to maintain peace but I think maybe instead of one nation single handedly getting involved in another nation’s business, perhaps we should have an international organization that does that instead. Why else does the UN exist if they’re just gonna let other people do their job? I just think that when going into deal with a family’s(symbolizing a country) issues its always good to have several people involved in the process. Not only does this provide different viewpoints and approaches to deal with said issue, it also helps validate of your fears are well founded or if its just paranoia. Not to mention that is only one country is actively involved, it greatly increases the chances of corruption going unnoticed and that powerful and ungoverned position being taken advantage of.

Also, why does being the citizen of one country distinguish you from another? We’re all human beings so why does it matter? We can’t even say its to differentiate your lineage and culture anymore because now people can move to other countries and adopt their citizenship. I just don’t understand why anymore. If I am Indian but an American citizen, then I have to give up my Indian citizenship? So do I adopt citizenship to show pride in my lineage or do I do it to reflect my current place of residence? If its just current place of residence, then I don’t think it matters to have a citizenship because in today’s world, I feel like people immigrate everywhere and its would be impossible to classify people that way.

Anyway, just wanted to put down some random thoughts in my head down. Feel free to comment!

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