Safe (written as a song)

I was just a child, when he whispered in my ear

he said hush little girl, don’t you wanna hear

What is good and what is bad

What is gloom and what is sad,

Oh hush little girl don’t you wanna feel…

And I told him, told him to stop

And I knew in my heart he’d gone too far

Oh but all the while, while I shrank, I didn’t see my knight at hand,

Yes, I was safe, all the while, in another man’s heart

Ooo, another man’s heart…Oooo, another man’s hands

he birthed new pains, he broke new hearts

he saw tears in lashes but felt nothing in his empty hands

he told me, I’d grow up beautiful

But he never knew the child he held back by his look

Yes he told me lies by the book, I was too young, too scared to look

Oh but all the while, I was safe, in another man’s hands

Oooo another man’s hands, Oooo another man’s heart

He wiped my tears and He held my hand

He told me, I was precious in His eyes,

He was my rock, my confidant

His love at hand, nothing would take me down

As long as He was by my side, not even death could rock our boat

Ooo, in His hands, Ooo in His hands

Yes, He told my broken heart to heal

Told me, little girl, you’ll still be who you’re meant to be

No ill effects, no broken hearts, no failed attempts, no stormy nights

Nothing to fear at all, with me in His arms

Still when my stubborn heart wandered far

Searching high and low and refusing to give Him my heart

He sent me roses, till I came home

Found him waiting on the porch, his heart bleeding on His sleeve

Never did He lose hope, knew all along, I’d finally know

Yes, I was safe in His heart

I was safe, in His arms

I broke free of what chained me down, I didn’t know how till I noticed now

This whole time I’d been carried on,

Oh, in his arms I was home,

I was safe, my little heart, forever more.

Oooo in His hands, Oooo in His hands.



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