Lord, set my heart ablaze-

Set it on fire,

Destroy it with your love

Ruin it for anything else in this world to take hold of it.

Let my soul yearn for nothing but you,

Let nothing but you satisfy it,

Let nothing but you capture it.

Ruin my heart with the truth and beauty of your love, Lord.

May it find rest nowhere but in your presence.

May it find a world without your beauty bland and colorless,

May my heart be like a woman infatuated and unable to dream of anything but you.

Indeed, you have captured me, wholly and truly,

and now nothing can make my heart melt like you.

Losing you is more terrifying than anything the world can throw at me.

Help me Lord, to always retain

Such thirst for you, such eagerness,

With greater humility day by day,

And help me to always love you, Lord,

Always, to love you.



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