True Love

You are the anchor of my heart

My heart, held steady, in you

In stormy seas, my soul is at peace.

For you have captured it.

You are the pirate, who captures hearts, our treasure chests, in the cheesiest of ways,

Because cheesy still manages to melt my heart.

Your love is the anchor that holds me steady.

Indeed let the world around me wail and scream,

Let it bemoan itself in its constant achievements unlocked, leveled and then thrown to the wayside,

Let it roll its eyes at my honesty, while wearing t-shirts proclaiming we must stand up for the truth,

Let it call me boring, while their depravity is boring them into deeper levels of debauchery, just to get a higher high. I am high the way I am, for my innocence makes this world and its beauty, my drug and my so-called-naivety makes it so I can drink from real beauty over and over again, never losing my senses and forgetting, and being able to rediscover beauty even the millionth time I plant a seed and watch a miracle I cannot control,

Let it laugh at my ‘cowardice’ but if you are brave, you will forsake all else for pure, untainted knowledge of you and a true pursuit of love and beauty, and discover that the only way to negate boredom is to re-wear the innocent wonder of a child, but how can you, when you cannot bear yourself for a few moments?

But I will stand steady.

For your love has blinded me to the world.

I see the truth of colors and meaning of prayers and the notes of music,

Shine and whisper their secrets before you.

I see, with you, the difference in that captivity the world calls freedom,

But I see true freedom in your love.

For true love, crosses boundaries and labels and name tags and awkward smiles,

It sees all that, loves it and then digs deeper.

Your love enables me to love and feel even what the world thinks folly.

True freedom is walking into the worst of the world and being able to love those held in its captivity and yet walk out unimpressed

For what can impress on me anything that is more true, more peaceful, more joyful, more fulfilling and more freeing than you?


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