How my stubborn heart

How lovely indeed is your house, O Lord

How infinitely indescribable your majesty

How can mind impress with words or worship adequately the deserving nature of your grace

What indeed can we do to turn away from you?

You contain the universe in your plam,

You breath sets the rhythm of time

You words write creation

You glance sets the seas still

The mountians can be crushed beneath the weight of your  unfaltering justice

The sun and moon forget day and nigth before youe infinite patience

All eternity finds meaning in your joy.

How did I ever utter so foolish a thought as to think I could stay away from your path?

All creation points to you and your mercy as its origin and cause

how could I have stubbornly thought I could keep my heart from you?

Where could I hide from you, Lord?

Your love colors creation and music was discovered in your beauty

You are the perfection of all things a human heart yearns for and seeks;

Making it thus impossible to complete any life’s journey without thought of you;

And any man who truthfully seeks out beauty, love or truth

Must end their search with you.


How foolish this little wildflower,

To think I could sustain myself without you

To think my life could find fuller pleasure anywhere other than your house and your bleeding heart.


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