His Alone

I have found myself more inclined to follow his will Than dreams or status quo. For though I may not discerably comprehend at first, In the end, nothing gives me more joy than his delight. I have come to love him, even in his silence. His sweet surrender has strewn my heart asunder In search... Continue Reading →

Loving Beauty Sublime

I have come to love the Arched backs of promises made in earnest love, Whether kept or not. The soft pillows that line the spaces of silence between friends- Resolutely unforceful and inviting. The unforgettable moments so beautiful we forgot To stop for a picture. I have come to love the moments hidden between photographs The... Continue Reading →

Safe (written as a song)

I was just a child, when he whispered in my ear he said hush little girl, don’t you wanna hear What is good and what is bad What is gloom and what is sad, Oh hush little girl don’t you wanna feel… And I told him, told him to stop And I knew in my... Continue Reading →

I am obsessed

I am obsessed with words How they formulate in cavernous depths of brain gyri, Get thrown around in variations and structures repeatedly until spat out impatiently, to impress or to insult. How they sew themselves together into sentences making sense of what our minds attempt to comprehend How they are arrived at. How they can... Continue Reading →

How my stubborn heart

How lovely indeed is your house, O Lord How infinitely indescribable your majesty How can mind impress with words or worship adequately the deserving nature of your grace What indeed can we do to turn away from you? You contain the universe in your plam, You breath sets the rhythm of time You words write... Continue Reading →

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