Faithless Lovers

How quick I am my Love, to leave your wounded side. The faithlessness with which I forsake your love, The depravity with which I abandon your mercy, How is it that this heart could imagine such a wound as it forces on your most tender heart? How is it that you so easily forgive this... Continue Reading →

Sundays are for Being Loved

The other Sunday, I was teaching class and this idea just popped into my head. We were talking about God and how He enters into our time, how He enters our lifespans in the Sacraments; our years in the Seasons of the Church; our months in the Liturgical Cycles; our days in the feasts of... Continue Reading →

The Oddity

I can give you a thousand reasons not to choose me. I jump ship when I sense things are heading downhill; I am hardly the long legged girl you watch in the corner of the cafe, her dress floating in the wind of her aura, her long hair carrying the wind. I'm tiny, to put... Continue Reading →

Dark Victories

This is why my love, we don’t wallow in our misery This is why we know to not let the darkness consume us whole. We choose instead to tattoo ourselves to remind us of the courage hidden deep within our skin, Ready to seep out when necessary like a superpower on demand. We use words... Continue Reading →


What do you want from me, I wonder? What pain so sweetly spurts embers from within? How do I give way to such a fire that consumes without scalding? How do I put to words such longing that is consummately engulfed in bleeding passion? I know no art capable of capturing it, no vice capable... Continue Reading →

Stubborn Streaks of Personality

Recently I was speaking to my mother and she pointed out the differences between my brother and I, specifically in regard to our personalities. She said how when we were kids, I was often quite alright with where I was in school/life and the only way she could get me to work harder on anything... Continue Reading →

Love Declared

Why do we marry on stages? Before all of family, community, society and seemingly the world? Why do we marry in churches before the altar, before angels and saints and the great magnitude of the clouds of witnesses? Why do we stand there, between heaven and earth and state, nay declare, our marriage? Why? Because... Continue Reading →

His Alone

I have found myself more inclined to follow his will Than dreams or status quo. For though I may not discerably comprehend at first, In the end, nothing gives me more joy than his delight. I have come to love him, even in his silence. His sweet surrender has strewn my heart asunder In search... Continue Reading →

Loving Beauty Sublime

I have come to love the Arched backs of promises made in earnest love, Whether kept or not. The soft pillows that line the spaces of silence between friends- Resolutely unforceful and inviting. The unforgettable moments so beautiful we forgot To stop for a picture. I have come to love the moments hidden between photographs The... Continue Reading →

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